Make an Online Appointment for Massage in Everett
Wellness Massage
$30 for 15 Minutes (seated only)
$45 1/2 Hour
$70 hour
$100 1.5 hours
Couples Massage

$140 Hour
$10 Military or Senior Discount
Good on all Wellness Massage 1 hour or more.

Medical Massage
$40 for 15 Minutes.
L&I and PIP insurance is accepted
for medical massage only.
We currently do not take traditional
medical insurance.
Manual Lymphatic Drainage
$50 1/2 Hour
(Neuromuscular Re-education)

$140 Hour

On-Site Seated Massage
Minimum 1 Hour

Company Paid $75 Hour for 1-2 Hours
Company Paid $70 Hour 3+ Hours
Client Paid $20 12 minutes.
Relieving Tension Headaches Class

$175 per couple
How do we determine Wellness Massage or Medical Massage?

Wellness massage is directed by the client, for relaxation, minor aches, and maintenance. Insurance will not pay for Wellness Massage as it is not medically necessary. Medical Massage is directed by the physician for injuries related to automobile accidents, work accidents, and are determined medically necessary. Medical Massage requires a prescription from a doctor with diagnosis codes. If you have had an automobile accident or workplace accident and have a prescription from a doctor for massage the visit will be charged as a medical massage regardless of who is paying.

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