Massage Therapy

The Massage Clinic specializes in deep tissue treatment and medical massage for L&I and auto accidents. Our massage therapists will work to help relieve your pain and tension whether it is neck or back pain, headaches or just stress from the day. We take automobile PIP insurance and L&I insurance.

Wellness Massage

  • 15 Minutes Seated Massage$35.00
  • 30 Minutes$60.00
  • 60 Minutes$85.00
  • 90 Minutes$120.00
  • 2 Hours$170.00

Medical Massage

  • 15 Minutes$40.00

L&I and PIP insurance is accepted for medical massage only. We currently do not take traditional medical insurance.

How do we determine Wellness Massage or Medical Massage?

Wellness massage is directed by the client, for relaxation, minor aches, and maintenance. Insurance will not pay for Wellness Massage as it is not medically necessary. Medical Massage is directed by the physician for injuries related to automobile accidents, work accidents, and are determined medically necessary. Medical Massage requires a prescription from a doctor with diagnosis codes. If you have had an automobile accident or workplace accident and have a prescription from a doctor for massage the visit will be charged as a medical massage regardless of who is paying.

Specialty Massage

Each massage therapist has taken additional advanced training to offer other specialty massage sessions.

Pregnancy Massage

  • 30 Minutes$60.00
  • 60 Minutes$85.00
  • 90 Minutes$120.00
  • 2 Hours$170.00

Couples Massage

  • 60 Minutes$170.00
  • 90 Minutes$240.00
  • 2 Hours$340.00

Manual Lymphatic Drainage

  • 30 Minutes$75.00

Neuro- Muscular Re-Education

  • 60 Minutes$120.00

Industrial Massage – Deep Tissue Intervention (DTI)

  • 30 Minutes$65.00

Massage for Frozen Shoulder

  • 60 Minutes$120.00

Cupping Massage

  • 60 Minutes$120.00
  • 90 Minutes$160.00

Onsite Massage

Onsite massage pricing includes travel expenses for the following areas: Marysville, Everett, Mill Creek, Lynnwood and Mountlake Terrace.

Seated or Table Massage Company Paid

  • 1-2 Hours$85.00 Per Hour
  • 3+ Hours$80.00 Per Hour

Seated or Table Massage Client Paid

  • 15 Minutes$35.00


2 hours of class time learning how to massage the neck and shoulders of your partner to reduce tension headaches. 

Relieving Tension Headaches Class

  • 2 Hours$200.00 Per Couple